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Healthy Eating: Top Tips

Top Tips from FA Lidl Skills for how to keep healthy

1. Fruit and veg! Five child-sized portions a day (a portion is generally the amount you can fit into the palm of your hand, it grows as you do!)

2. Plenty of milk and dairy products! Yoghurt, fromage frais and cheese are a great way to introduce dairy into your daily diet

3. Protein-rich foods in main meals. This can include fresh meat, fish, peas, beans, nuts seeds or meat alternatives like Quorn!

4. Plenty of carbohydrate rich foods like cereals, potatoes, pasta and rice – try and vary it each day

5. Active kids are bound to get hungry between meals! Make sure you have some snacks at hand to avoid running out of energy. (Try to avoid snacks that are too sugary!)


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