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How To Kick A Football

England star Jo Potter talks through the basics for those looking to start playing football

England star Jo Potter says...

- Start with a ball at your feet and your legs shoulder width apart.

- Put your foot on top of the ball and start to roll it side to side with the sole of your foot.

- Once you’re comfortable with that, you can start to use different parts of your foot to move the ball, for example the inside or outside of your foot.

- Then you can practise rolling the ball forwards and backwards with the sole of your foot, or maybe rolling it round in a circle.

- Then you can start to kick the ball with your laces, moving it side to side and forwards and backwards. Keep it nice and slow at first until you get the hang of it.

- If you’re practising with a friend, you can pass the ball to them using the inside of your foot to give you more accuracy. Just make sure you plant your standing foot at the side of the ball before you pass.


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