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Lionesses Duo On Song

Lucy Bronze and Demi Stokes are listening to a new genre of music in Holland 

If the Lionesses had a Euro 2017 anthem so far (apart from Salute!) it might well be Despacito.

Luis Fonsi’s banger has been played on the players’ stereo at the training ground, on the team bus and in the gym – and it has definitely had an impact on Demi Stokes and Lucy Bronze.

The Man City duo are rooming together in the Netherlands, but luckily for them their musical tastes are quite similar.

Bronze said: “We’ve done R&B, we’ve done hip hop and we’ve done reggae, but we’re in a Spanish phase at the minute.

“I listen to all the pop and R&B that the girls put on but I’m heading a bit towards grime myself.

“But me and Demi are definitely going a bit Spanish at the minute.”

The room-mates are also important for each other on matchday as they try to stay calm in the build-up to kick-off.

Bronze explained: “I don’t really feel pressure or nerves before a game. I know that I’ve done everything I can.

“Demi is always asleep so I either have to sleep before a game or get out of the room, so more than likely I’m out of the room doing something. Either that or I’m in bed asleep, because Demi is.”

She continued: “I don’t have any superstitions. I probably do something different before every game. Sometimes I’ll walk out on the pitch before a game, sometimes I won’t.

“I don’t like to think of a process before a game, I just like to stay relaxed and part of staying relaxed is just being myself.

“Demi knows my routine and I know hers so we just leave each other to it.”

Bronze, Stokes and the rest of the England team are gearing up for the Euro 2017 semi-final against the host nation on Thursday, and you can watch the match live on Channel 4.

Check out the Q&A with Lucy bronze below.



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