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Prepare for Training

From what to wear to what to eat, all you need to know about a training session

Before a session


What to wear:

– Whatever you feel comfortable in! All colours, shorts, tracksuits, t-shirts, vests

– If it’s raining it’s best to bring a jacket

– If it’s cold make sure you wear lots of layers and bring a hat and gloves – you can always take layers off once you warm up

– Pick footwear you can run around in and that have a good bottom grip

– A pair of shin pads to protect your shins when you practice  




What not to wear:

– Jeans as these are difficult to move around in and get heavy if they are wet

– Footwear with heels


What to drink:

– Bring a bottle of water with you to keep hydrated


What to eat:

– Unless you are attending an all-day practice you won’t need to worry about eating during the session



During a session


– The coach will give you regular breaks so you can chat to your friends and have a drink, even if you’re not thirsty it’s important to have a few sips to keep hydrated

– If it’s a hot day then sit down in the shade when you have a break

– If something hurts when you are practicing, stop and speak to your coach who will help you and check that you’re ok to continue

– Practicing at football sessions with your friends regularly is great for your health – you will feel great and grow your confidence, social and decision-making skills which will help you in all areas of your life


After a session


– Have something to eat within the first 30 minutes of the session, try and have some fruit and a drink

– Try to have regular meals during the week; breakfast, lunch and dinner

– We all like chocolate, snacks, takeaways and treats – challenge yourself to just have one treat a day


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