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Teammates: Laura Coombs

The Liverpool midfielder dishes the dirt on her teammates

Who’s your best friend at the club?

I would have to go with Ash Hodson because I’ve known her the longest.

Obviously, we’ve got quite a new team and I’m getting on with everyone but I’d have to go for Ash as the one that I know the best.

She’s been here since she was in the Centre of Excellence and she was here when I joined the club.

Who’s the worst dressed?

I don’t know about the worst dressed but Christie Murray and Niamh Fahey; I always get on to them because they wear their kit everywhere.

I don’t know if they actually own any normal clothes, so I’m going to go with those two.

We had a trip in the summer to Germany and a lot of the time, in the downtime, everyone wore their own clothes if they were going out but those two were in their training kit the whole time, so everyone made fun of them a lot.

Who’s the teacher’s pet?

I’m going to say that our team is quite cool and we haven’t really got any, but – she’s going to kill me – I’d say Niamh Charles.

She’s still kind of the baby on the team. If it was anyone, it would be her for the teacher’s pet, the golden child.

Who’s the dressing room DJ?                

There’s two people and that’s either Courtney Sweetman-Kirk or Leandra Little – if it’s Leandra, she brings out her dodgy dance moves as well, which keep everyone entertained.

She’s quite dance-y whereas Courtney’s very RnB, so it’s a good mix.

Who’s the most fun on a night out?

I would say probably Leighanne Robe. Not just on a night out but just in general, she’s quite mad.

She’s fun to be around and always provides entertainment. She’s very energetic, always dancing and always being silly – she’s very funny.

Who’s the quickest?

We’re actually blessed with quite of a bit of pace on our team but I’d say that the outright quickest is Rinsola Babajide.

She’s very, very fast!

Who’s the most skilful?

I would give that one to the teacher’s pet – Niamh Charles.

She’s a tricky winger and she’s got quite a lot of tricks that she uses on people.

Who do you think would make the best coach in the future?

There’s probably two answers for that one – I’d say Leandra Little or Christie Murray.

I could see both of them being very good coaches in the future. They’re very good with people and they’ve got very good technical and tactical knowledge as well.



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