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Watch the ad that proves there's more to football than football

The FA’s ‘For All’ campaign has ramped up a notch to show that there is more to football than football.

We want to demonstrate the togetherness, friendship and confidence that stems from playing the game.

We also want to double the player base and fans of women and girls’ football by 2020.

We want to inspire 11 to 16 years old females to participate in the game, by encouraging as many girls (and their parents) to get involved with Girls’ Football Week, SSE Wildcats, where girls between 5 and 11 can learn how to play, find girls’ football clubs as well as promote the fun and friendships that can be created from football.

So check out the video above which shows a group of girls performing a slick routine - but is it a choreographed dance or a goal celebration?

Either way, it just proves there is more to football than football.

And if you’ve been inspired to get involved in the game, why not find some fun football activities near you?


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