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Izzy Christiansen looks happy during England training

DJ Izzy C

Football playlist tips from England's team DJ

Izzy Christiansen has taken over from Alex Scott as the Lionesses’ team DJ.

The attacking midfielder is now responsible for getting the England players pumped for a match.

And she has created a Lionesses playlist on Spotify which you can download and enjoy – either on your own or in the dressing room with your team-mates.

But if you’d rather make your own, here are Izzy’s top tips for a matchday playlist:

– You’ve got to please the crowd. You need to have something on there for everyone.
– You need variety – you can’t have too much of one genre.
– Stick to upbeat music to get everyone ready for the game.
– Listen out for the latest releases.
– Update your playlist regularly to stop everyone getting bored.
– Be open to requests, especially if more than one player is asking for the same song.
– Have a few ‘go-to’ songs up your sleeve in case of emergency.
– Have a pre-match and a post-match playlist. Always good to have a few tunes when you win.

You might have a lit playlist ready to go but you just need a dressing room to play it in… then why not join a football club near you?


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