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Nutrition tips

Lionesses star Keira Walsh with some meal ideas for pre-season

We all know nutrition is key to helping footballers perform to the best of their ability.

So with pre-season training on the horizon, why not get ahead of the game and plan your meals well in advance?

Here, Keira Walsh, one of the most recent Lionesses debutants, tells us what she would eat to help her get through a day of football.


“In the morning it’s important to get some carbs and proteins on board, so I would normally have some scrambled eggs and beans, or maybe a bowl of porridge and a piece of fruit with a glass of orange juice.”


“If you’ve had a match in the morning you’ll need to help your body recover so I’d have a chicken sandwich to get both protein and carbs into my system. You could also have a small portion of rice and some salad and a Greek yogurt to finish.”


“After a hard match you’ll need to take on some more protein to help your muscles repair so I’d have chicken, pasta and some vegetables.

“And it goes without saying that it is crucial to keep hydrated so make sure you drink plenty of fluids throughout the day.”

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