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England captain Steph Houghton (left) and fitness coach Ben Young

Having a ball

Stay healthy with some dance moves and a football, says Lionesses fitness coach

Just 20 minutes of dancing three times a week will help keep you fit and healthy, say Lionesses physical performance coach Ben Young.

The FA’s #MoreToFootball campaign aims to make people to realise that football is about more than just kicking a ball around.

It’s about friendship, togetherness, confidence and fun – and you can experience all those things with dancing, too.

Young said: “Any form of exercise is good for you – and if you like music, why not keep fit by dancing?"

Whether it’s ballet, street dancing or body popping in your bedroom, just half an hour a few times a week will keep you active and will make you feel great.

And if you’re thinking about getting into football, you could tap the ball with your feet or practise some skills to the beat of the music.

“Exercise should be fun, so by following your passion and doing what you enjoy you are more likely to stay active, which will lead to an overall healthier lifestyle," Young added.

If you are interested in giving football a go, why not find some fun football activities near you?


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