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Nikita Parris

Uni life

Nikita Parris: Star striker and star pupil

Manchester City will have to be on their guard – Nikita Parris is a transfer target for Liverpool John Moores!

The 23-year-old striker is in the final year of a sports development degree at the famous university.

And while she is only a part-time student, her course mates have been trying to persuade her to join the uni football team.

Keets said: “A few of the girls play for the John Moores team.

“At the start they were really trying to get me to play, but I had to politely turn them down!

“I don’t think they need me anyway; they’ve got some decent players.”

Nikita Parris 

So what made Keets decide to go back to the classroom?

“I always wanted a Plan B in case it didn’t work out for me in football or in case I got a serious injury,” she explained.

“When I first looked at doing the course, the game wasn’t professional. You were getting a wage but it wasn’t enough to earn a living from.

“It has been tough at times, especially when the workload starts to build up and the football schedule is busy. It can be tough to balance the two but I’ve had great support from both the uni and Man City.

“I’ve taken a lot from it. I love meeting new people and hearing different experiences. The uni and football lifestyles are completely different but it’s good to be involved in both.

“It’s also nice to have friends away from football and vice versa.”

She added: “First and foremost, football is something you can do with people of a similar age where you can go and have fun and keep fit, too.

“Being involved in sport is great, and it doesn’t always have to be competitive. There is obviously a fun element to it.”

Fancy giving football a go? How about finding some fun activities near you, or maybe even joining a local club?

Keets' first club was Kingsley United in Liverpool - and it was there she developed her love of the game.


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