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Toni Dancer

Toni Duggan used to love Irish dancing - and the dresses

Before Toni Duggan got involved in football properly, it was Irish dancing that used to get her attention.

And she was just six years old when her interest was sparked.

The Lionesses striker explained: “When I was at school, one of the older girls used to do Irish dancing and I always wanted to be like her so I just used to do it, too.

“She used to do a dance in assembly and I thought it was dead cool so I wanted to do it.

“She looked good when she was dancing and I loved the dresses.

“But I’ve only ever done it in the playground, at home or in the changing room at the 2015 World Cup!” (And in the goal celebration above!)

Although Duggan didn’t take up any form of dancing in a more organised manner, she realises how it can have its advantages when it comes to playing sport.

She added: “I do think that if you danced when you were younger and then got into football, your footwork and coordination would definitely benefit.

You can see that by looking at Karen Carney.”

Are you interested in taking up football? Why not try some fun football activities first to see if it’s the game for you?

And if it is, how about joining a club near you?


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